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HARTMANN – advancing healthcare responsibly

At HARTMANN, we believe that economic success should go hand in hand with progress in social and environmental matters. We are keenly aware of our responsibility as an active corporate citizen and do everything we can to fulfill it.

Sustainability is an integral part of our objectives and activities: it shapes our actions as a business and is a basis for our success. Whether it’s ensuring we use resources carefully, finding alternative materials to make our packaging plastic-free, or supporting humanitarian aid organizations – we achieve our goals by acting responsibly and giving back to society.

Policy Statement on the Human Rights Strategy for the HARTMANN GROUP

The Policy Statement provides information about our structures and the measures we take to ensure ethical, socially, and environmentally compliant behavior in all our business areas and related supply chains.

Employees, employees of suppliers/customers, and other third parties can address reports or complaints to us at Alternatively, please contact our Human Rights Officer, Sebastian Grünewald (, Tel +49-1622-45 2769) or the contact persons named in our Code of Conduct.

All reports and complaints will be treated confidentially and anonymously.

Process description for reporting

  • You can contact us in various ways in 23 languages, i.a. via email, telephone, WhatsApp or an external ombudsperson who is committed to legal confidentiality
  • We will confirm reception of your report within a short period of time (usually within a few days)
  • Fairness and whistleblower protection are core principles for us - we will treat your report independently, objectively, timely and as strictly confidential
  • If necessary and appropriate, we will determine and implement mitigation measures (if needed: measures will include relevant suppliers/business partners)
  • We will inform you about the outcome of the investigation and, if applicable, mitigation measures
  • We have zero tolerance of retaliation – please report to us if you face retaliation

Our ESG approach – sustainable actions at HARTMANN

Our brand promise is "Helps. Cares. Protects". This is also visible in our activities for sustainable action. You can find detailed information on our sustainability activities in our latest sustainability report.

We take a holistic view of sustainability and continuously develop it further in the healthcare sector. Based on the generally recognized ESG criteria, HARTMANN has structured its sustainability activities into the three pillars of Environment, Social and Governance.


We protect the environment by minimizing our ecological footprint. We achieve this by investing in the use of alternative energy sources, measures to reduce packaging and waste and strategies to conserve resources.

We will reduce our Scope 1 and Scope 2 CO2 emissions by at least 50% by 2030 compared to 2021. By 2050, we aim to achieve complete climate neutrality for all CO2 emissions - including CO2 emissions in the supply chain (Scope 3). To achieve this, we are primarily focusing on our own measures to reduce CO2 emissions.

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We take care of social issues because people are at the center of everything we do. The observance of human rights, the healthand safety of our employees as well as social and cultural issues are important to us. That is why we promote activities in the areas of health, education, culture, and sport worldwide and in the regions of our national companies and subsidiaries through sponsorship, as well as product and financial donations.


We help to promote sustainable business practices. At HARTMANN, sustainability is an integral part of corporate management. This means that we take the economic, ecological, and social impact of our business activities into account when making decisions. Our corporate culture is based on integrity, respect, and honesty. National and international legal requirements form the basis of our business activities. This also includes the establishment of effective control mechanisms. Our aim is to find sustainable and safe solutions for the needs of our customers, society, and the environment.

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Discover our ESG best practices

Find out how we at HARTMANN are working together to take responsibility – for our environment and climate, for our products, for our employees, and for society.

Together as a team

Stefan Grote Member of the Management Board
Stefan Grote, Member of the Management Board, responsible for Corporate Sustainability
"Our customers, patients and business partners value high-quality products and applications. We are aware of this responsibility and consistently invest in sustainable and safe solutions."