Wound Care & Diagnostics: applications for professionals and home care

Ensuring complete wound healing solutions

From the first cotton dressing in the 19th century to today’s diverse range of products: wound care has been at the center of the HARTMANN brand since its very beginnings. We want to ensure complete wound healing solutions – from small cuts to postoperative wound care. We achieve this by staying curious, and open to the input of healthcare professionals, whom we see as our strongest partners in realizing our vision: to improve the lives of patients and medical staff all over the world.

It is our aim to enable healthcare professionals to reduce the time spent changing dressings and to work more efficiently overall with our wide range of solutions. At the same time, we want to offer patients a higher quality of life by developing products that are gentle on the skin, feel comfortable, and accelerate wound healing. In the area of traditional wound care, HARTMANN is now a market leader in Europe. In addition, HARTMANN is the No. 1 company in the European* pharmacy wound care market.

*Based on internal analysis by PAUL HARTMANN AG using data from: IQVIA CH Customized Insights, sales in LEU PUB, for the time period MAT M09/2022, limited to CHC class 40-49 reflecting estimates of real-world activity in these countries: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland. Copyright IQVIA. All rights reserved.

The pillars of our work

HARTMANN is one of the leading providers of wound treatment solutions for patients and healthcare professionals around the world. Quality, reliability, and innovation are part of our DNA and our heritage. Our international research ensures that we keep track of and can respond to future professional needs around the globe. Based on the three principles “proven, simple, cost-effective,” we strive to consistently develop wound care further.

Proven, simple, cost-effective

Our wound care treatments are the result of HARTMANN’s more than 200 years of medical experience. Time and know-how have led to proven wound care solutions, ensuring effective and scientifically verified products.

In medical practice, easy-to-use solutions are critical for successful wound healing. That’s why our expertly designed products are tested to ensure simple handling and usage for professionals as well as for wound care at home.

To make complete wound healing accessible to everyone, we’ve designed a cost-effective range of products with outstanding value to fit all financial circumstances.

Our heritage

A more absorbent cotton dressing, developed by Paul Hartmann and Professor Victor von Bruns in 1873, was the first healthcare product of the HARTMANN brand. Since then, we’ve come a long way in terms of product range and process – but just like then, we continue to aim for innovation and constant improvement.

Since the first cooperation between Hartmann and von Bruns, HARTMANN has continued to work with healthcare professionals. We want to go beyond the current standard and achieve complete wound healing Our process is inclusive, transparent, and forward-thinking.

A holistic approach

The business of healthcare is changing. With growing patient needs and numbers, healthcare professionals are under increasing pressure to treat patients faster and keep costs low while managing wounds consistently and successfully.

HARTMANN Wound Care represents progress toward complete wound healing and empowers both patients and healthcare professionals. Our goals are fewer dressing changes, less pain involved in each dressing change, and a faster healing process.

To make this possible, we believe in fostering exchange and lifelong learning. HARTMANN serves as a sounding board for specialists and a support system for healthcare professionals. We are dedicated to creating a culture of shared knowledge and global networks – to learn from each other and become a strong community.

Smart solutions for patients and healthcare professionals

HARTMANN offers a wide range of traditional and modern wound dressings. These include a new line of silicone-coated, skin-friendly wound dressings, the Zetuvit® Plus family of superabsorbent dressings as well as the Cosmopor® postoperative wound dressings. In addition to products, we also offer innovative solutions such as our unique learning platform LINK.


LINK is dedicated to the continuous education of wound care professionals around the world.

It is HARTMANN Wound Care’s official professional development network, which exists in 93 countries across the globe. LINK aims to provide a platform for healthcare professionals to learn and exchange medical and clinical knowledge worldwide. It is based on the guiding principle that constant exchange, lifelong learning, and a strong network of professionals are integral to the best therapies in wound care:

L - LEARN: Expand your knowledge by getting the latest wound care insights, joining exclusive seminars, and more.

I - INFORM: Improve your daily work procedures by sharing best practices and exchanging knowledge with local and global experts.

N - NETWORK: Connect with experts worldwide to exchange information and discuss current and future wound management matters.

K - KNOWLEDGE: Tap into and expand the collective knowledge around wound management for the benefit of practitioners worldwide.

Our portfolio

We want to take a leading position in Europe in the field of modern wound care. To achieve this, HARTMANN is increasingly relying on silicone as a technology of the future. Already today, 30 to 40 percent of all applications in modern wound care are based on this new material. Against this background, one of our most important recent innovations was the development of Cosmopor® Silicone, the first sterile postoperative wound dressing with silicone technology, which was launched in our core markets in 2022.

Another important part of our product portfolio is the Zetuvit® Plus family of superabsorbent dressings. In an open, multicenter investigation, we wanted to find out how these dressings benefit both patients and healthcare professionals. The results were telling: in 100 percent of cases, Zetuvit® Plus achieved the primary objective, offering effective exudate management. It also resulted in a significant decrease in patients with maceration (65 percent) and led to an overall reduction in wound size. No wonder that 96 percent of patients rated their satisfaction and comfort as "excellent" or "good".

Read more about the studies and visit our country websites to find out which products are available in your region.

Diagnostics: empowering family healthcare

Healthcare starts at home

With our diagnostics products, we want to give everyone the chance to live their healthiest life. Whether this means caring for a partner or relative or staying ahead of your own condition – our products bring knowledge and professional care into the homes of millions of people.

The pillars of our work

Diagnostic devices in hospitals give medical professionals important information that guides their decision-making. At HARTMANN, we’re adapting those same technologies for home use, giving individuals a convenient way of monitoring and understanding their health. Our diagnostics products follow three simple guidelines: to help, care, and protect – not only in professional environments but also at home.

Professional tools at home

Our personal diagnostic devices maintain the same quality standards as those used within the professional healthcare realm. All are recommended by professionals for home use. As well as accuracy, we focus on convenience and simplicity, enabling the whole family to take responsibility for their own health and well-being or that of their relatives.

HARTMANN at home

Our diagnostic devices adhere to professional standards and help you monitor your health easily and reliably from the comfort of your home.

Our process

Our goal is to enhance the quality of life of those that use our personal healthcare products and services. We continuously consult consumers and use their insights to develop ideas and products specifically targeted to their needs. That’s how we’re working to achieve our ultimate goal: to improve the lives of our customers.

Our smart solutions for personal healthcare

Our personal healthcare products are a welcome addition to any household, whether they’re devices used to keep an eye on existing conditions (such as blood pressure monitors connected to web applications), fever thermometers that can detect underlying illnesses, or first aid products that cater to everyday cuts, burns, abrasions, and muscle pains.

Our family managers

For many people, work doesn’t start until everyone leaves the house. Or it never ends, because those they love need their attention and care around the clock. Family managers undertake this work on a daily basis. They do so with pride, but the work can take its toll.

We met with three family managers who always put their families first and never hesitate to go the extra mile for them. Learn more about the everyday life of Regina Gall, Heinrich Trummer, and Rahman Abdullah.

Everyday heroes
No matter what you do or why you do it: We at HARTMANN support those who take care of multiple generations – while often putting themselves last. Here are three stories about their achievements.