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Shaping the future of HARTMANN with digital innovation

Shared Digital solutions measurably improve the work, life, and health of our customers – both in professional environments and at home. Innovative digital business models offer a key opportunity for us to help shape HARTMANN’s future success as well as expand our product and service portfolio. We continue to identify new areas of need that we strive to find digital solutions for, applying our competencies in close collaboration with our customers and external partners.

Digitalizing healthcare

Customer-oriented and data-driven

Our digital solutions within the fields of care and hygiene can stand alone or complement our traditional products. By responsibly collecting and analyzing data, our solutions have the potential to massively improve healthcare outcomes as well as increase the quality of care and life for patients. Greater transparency, more accuracy in diagnostics, and optimized processes and efficiencies can help save precious time and costs for healthcare professionals. This empowers our customers to focus fully on what matters most: the patient.

Innovative digital solutions

Examples of our innovative digital solutions are our Hygiene Platform and hand hygiene monitoring solution. Using them helps to quickly identify where hygiene can be improved, how staff can be better deployed, and how we can make processes safer.

As part of the process of creating and validating our digital offers, we involve our customers and partners right from the start, to better understand their challenges and truly provide solutions that add value.

HARTMANN’s Digital Business

Find out more about our Digital Business and the concrete projects we’re working on right now to innovate the digital landscape of healthcare.

The Digital Business team

Team members of Digital Business
"Our ultimate goal is to always find the best possible solution for our customers." – Chief Digital Officer Lüder Sachse

Our venture teams work in four digital hubs, in a highly iterative and collaborative way that applies agile methods and entrepreneurial thinking. They’re part of an innovation ecosystem that proactively reaches out to groups inside and outside of HARTMANN and invites them to participate in brainstorming new solutions. We are open to disruptive ideas and seek inspiration as well as exchange with experts at trade fairs and events.

The Digital Business team at a glance:

  • Founded in 2020
  • 16 team members
  • Digital hubs in Hamburg, Stuttgart, Schaffhausen, and Barcelona
  • Customers: hospitals, nursing homes, caregivers, people in need of care
  • Mission: identify ideas and develop new digital business models for HARTMANN