Improving Infection Management: how we make healthcare facilities a safer place

Protecting everyone

We believe that infection prevention is an integral part of efficient healthcare. Our extensive and ever-growing range of products, including hand disinfectants, surgical gloves, and skin care products, among others, have been specifically developed to meet the needs of healthcare professionals. Protecting medical staff is, after all, just as important to us as protecting their patients. In addition to developing new solutions, we also strive to continuously improve and innovate existing products and adapt them to changing needs and circumstances, ranging from day-to-day use to combatting pandemic outbreaks.

The pillars of our work

At HARTMANN, we strive to protect and improve the lives of medical professionals and their patients. We do so with intelligent and easy-to-use disinfection products as well as surgical and ward products that make the day-to-day safer and more efficient. True to our mission, our products reflect our goal to help, care, and protect.

Protection and prevention

Ranking fourth on the list of the world’s most common causes of death, infectious diseases still pose a major challenge in the modern world. Even in clinics, up to 15 percent of patients on average acquire at least one healthcare associated infection (HAI) during their hospital stay. Although huge progress has been made in hygiene as well as improving and simplifying clinical practice, there’s still much to do to reduce the risk of infections and the associated costs.

Mission: Infection Prevention

An important step in this direction is our initiative Mission: Infection Prevention, which addresses the fight against healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). Bringing together all the experience and expertise HARTMANN has to offer in this regard, the initiative focuses on holistic, innovative solutions, more collaboration, and more intervention to improve infection prevention in the medical and care sector. Our ambition is to make positive change in preventing the spread of infections, from hospitals to other entities that protect people in their daily lives, such as long-term care facilities and outpatient clinics.

Safety and efficiency

Wards and operating theaters are high-pressure environments. Time spent in them is both expensive and demanding. At HARTMANN, we work with healthcare professionals to improve efficiency by introducing products that can be used in ORs, treatment rooms, and wards. Disposable surgical gloves, clothing, gowns, and drapes significantly reduce cross-contamination while our CombiSet® and MediSet® increase productivity.

CombiSet® for surgeries as well as MediSet® for care contain pre-packaged, sterilized instruments, swabs, and any necessary drapes or accessories, in the order in which they will be used. This minimizes prep time and frees up theater time. More operations can be performed with no increase in headcount. Patients benefit from better care and more surgical and treatment time.

Enhancing the tomorrow

At the HARTMANN SCIENCE CENTER, we examine infection risks and advance research to improve hygiene measures. We challenge conventional ways of thinking and develop effective and practical solutions.

Our process

In our process and product development, the ideal combination of research and knowledge exchange enables us to continuously innovate, improve, and provide on-point service and support. We conduct more than 5,000 tests a year in our microbiological laboratory. In addition, we provide healthcare facilities and other sectors dependent on hygiene with scientific background information, publications, expert advice, and service materials so they have the knowledge and confidence to implement optimized hygiene processes.

We work closely with healthcare professionals and seize every opportunity to observe hospital processes, gaining valuable insights that help us improve our products. We pay attention to the details and devise solutions that save time and money while improving the lives of both patients (more access to surgery and fewer mistakes) and healthcare professionals (higher productivity and greater efficiency).

Investing in the future

We have invested heavily in our production. In 2022, for example, a significantly enlarged and state-of-the-art production facility for disinfectants went into operation in Hamburg. The investment in the site enhances competitiveness and security of supply. In the Czech Republic, HARTMANN has automated and optimized the processes for the production of surgical sets. With the modernization of the site, we have ensured a more efficient material flow for the various components and more flexibility in production.

Our product range and solutions

The HARTMANN GROUP is a globally active company with production sites in various European countries, and a distribution network in Europe, America, Africa, Asia, and Oceania. We are the leading provider of single-use products and solutions for infection prevention with sales partners in around 40 countries and distribution in a further 36 countries.

Our high-quality products and solutions – particularly the CombiSet® and MediSet® – are predominantly designed for operating theaters, although they are also used in wards. In addition, we produce over 400 products for hand, surface, and instrument disinfection and cleaning, skin care, and skin antisepsis. These include Sterillium®, our leading skin-friendly hand disinfectant brand and the world’s first marketable alcohol-based rub-in product.

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M:IP® SSI Knowledge Hub A

You want to focus more on the essentials in your clinical work? You are looking for scientific information translated into everyday practice?

Surgical Site Infection (SSI) prevention plays an essential role in your daily professional responsibilities.

Our M:IP® SSI Knowledge Hub summarizes the most relevant guidelines of the leading national and international institutions (WHO, CDC, NICE, KRINKO) complemented by HARTMANN’s medical know-how of more than 200 years of experience.