This is HARTMANN – this is our DNA

Many voices, one company

Over 10,000 employees in 36 countries, four different segments of medical expertise, and a strong set of company values that holds everything together: our greatest strength lies in the way our different divisions and employees work together to create an organization that’s bigger than the sum of its parts. Find out more about the components that make up HARTMANN.

HARTMANN: more than just the sum of its parts

Ready for a trip into the DNA of HARTMANN? Come take a look at how it all began, and what drives us, discover our different fields of expertise, and learn how we look into the future.
Values and tradition
With over 200 years of corporate history, we’ve come a long way constantly evolving. This has shaped us as a company and defines our core values – this is the foundation of everything we do.

Our core corporate values

We want to be a leading player in the global healthcare market and a driving force in advancing healthcare for all. To achieve this goal, we live by three fundamental values:

  • High-performance: We are ambitious to outperform the competition, to speed up profitable growth by making fact-based decisions with a LEAN mindset.

  • Customer-oriented: We have the customer at the heart of everything we do, continuously striving to meet and exceed customer expectations to become the preferred partner of choice.

  • Passionate team: We are ONE strong team, trusting, supporting, and encouraging each other, working at eye-level and passionately towards common goals.
For us, taking care of people implies taking care of our environment.𠊏ind out how we are reducing our ecological footprint.

There is even more to our DNA

Let us show you how we are exploring new commercial ideas and developing new areas of business – and who is guiding us through these exciting challenges.
Digital business and innovation
Digitalization offers great opportunities to change things for the better in the healthcare industry. Find out how our solutions improve the lives of patients and at the same time improve work for healthcare professionals.