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HARTMANN UK successfully completes NHS Evergreen Sustainable Supplier Assessment

More and more organizations in the public healthcare sector require and promote sustainable business practices. This also applies to the British National Health Service (NHS). With the NHS Evergreen Sustainable Supplier Assessment, the NHS evaluates and certifies how sustainable the practices of its business partners are.
Julia O’Grady

HARTMANN UK is pleased to have completed the NHS Evergreen Sustainable Supplier Assessment. The Assessment is a self-assessment and reporting tool and resulted in us receiving a Level 1: Publicly committed to net zero carbon and engaged with sustainability.

"As a supplier of professional medical and care products, we at HARTMANN are all the more pleased that our commitment to sustainability has been confirmed and recognised in the NHS supplier assessment. This further encourages us to work together for more sustainability - today and in the future", says Julia O’Grady, Managing Director of HARTMANN UK.

The information reported through Evergreen is supporting us to understand our alignment with NHS sustainability priorities and identify those areas in which we need to accelerate progress.

The Evergreen Assessment is one of several NHS initiatives designed to support its net zero and wider sustainability objectives. We are delighted to be supporting the NHS to achieve their net zero and sustainability ambitions, including those set out in the NHS Net Zero Supplier Roadmap.