HARTMANN Code of Conduct

In our Code of Conduct you will find the Compliance core standards of HARTMANN GROUP.

Policy Statement on the Human Rights Strategy for HARTMANN GROUP

The Policy Statement provides information about our structures and the measures we take to ensure ethical, socially, and environmentally compliant behavior in all our business areas and related supply chains.

Our Human Rights Officer: Sebastian Grünewald (, +49 162 245 2769).

HARTMANN Integrity Channel

Your opportunity to raise concerns – also anonymously

Our principles for reporting:

  • Our Integrity Channel is open for everyone – reporting can be made in various languages.
  • Fairness and whistleblower protection are core principles for us – we will treat your report independently, objectively, timely and as strictly confidential.
  • Once we have received your report, we will confirm its receipt within seven days.
  • We take all reports seriously and follow-up on them.
  • If necessary, we will determine and implement appropriate mitigation measures (if needed: measures will include relevant suppliers/business partners).
  • We will inform you about the outcome of the investigation and, if applicable, mitigation measures.
  • We have zero tolerance for retaliation – please report to us if you face retaliation.

Please also visit our local websites for further information.