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New MoliCare® Premium Form delivers a win-win:
more comfort and more sustainability

As we continue to create new levels of quality for our products, we find that the latest developments can also go further for the environment. A good case in point? The new MoliCare® Premium Form line. Not only do the improvements provide even better protection and quality for caregivers and patients, but the packaging and the design have also been optimized with sustainability in mind, decreasing the product’s impact on the environment.

"In the development, we take a holistic view of the product. This ranges from materials to production to logistics aspects," explains Wolfgang Röhrl, Global head of Development of incontinence products at HARTMANN.

Since 2018 the Incontinence Management Division reduced its carbon footprint by 15%. A wide range of measures supported this result:

  • Less material use through further improved product designs and new materials
  • Reduction of scrap through improved processes and increased recycling rates in production
  • Less transportation through more compact packaging and higher pallet utilization
  • Increasing the share of sustainable energy sources in addition to a lower energy use for manufacturing

The experiences of the last years now flowed into the new Form line.

What’s good for the customer is good for the planet

Often, sustainability claims by the industry don’t truly add up to a measurable change. Take for example, the introduction of biodegradable diapers. “It only would make sense if the products could be composted. Medical products must not be composted. You would create hazardous waste. Therefore, we do not use biodegradable materials. By the way, the most reasonable step towards a circular economy is the thermal recycling of used products” Wolfgang Röhrl states.

To fulfill our CO2 targets, a lot of small steps are required. This is also true for new developments in packaging and design of MoliCare® Premium Form. The cardboard packaging is now made from 100% recycled material, and the use of ink on the cardboard and on the bag has been reduced to one color.

Additionally, a more compact bag or pouch has been achieved, which now contains 32 instead of 30 pieces. This reduces waste and cuts down on 28 tons of plastic – or 6% less packaging waste. It also means the product requires approximately 20% less storage space at a customer’s warehouse, leading to further reduction in energy consumption.

Plus, with less packaging and more packs per pallet, we have less transport volume – and several hundred fewer trucks on the road. Finally, all MoliCare products are manufactured exclusively in Germany and France, so transport distances remain as short as possible, while using the most sustainable means of shipping possible.

The developments made to packaging and its design are delivering concrete and measurable reductions in the carbon footprint of MoliCare® Premium Form, bringing customers and users peace of mind – because this incontinence product is also better for the environment.