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Kneipp in top 1% of EcoVadis sustainability rating for second time in a row

Kneipp’s sustainability success story continues. Having already been awarded Platinum in 2022, our subsidiary has once again earned the coveted EcoVadis Platinum rating. This means that Kneipp continues to be counted among the top 1% of all companies evaluated by the world-renowned rating agency.

Kneipp leads in sustainability

The EcoVadis Platinum rating is a significant milestone that recognizes Kneipp’s commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. The achievement is even more remarkable considering that the criteria have been tightened since the previous year. The recognition shows the effectiveness of investments in sustainable practices and processes. Alexander C. Schmidt, CEO of the Kneipp Group, emphasizes: “We established our cross-departmental sustainability team over 13 years ago, since sustainability was a key focus for us at an early stage. Yet sustainability is a never-ending endeavor. The process of developing more sustainable solutions involves constant improvement and reworking. We don’t know today what the best solution will be tomorrow, but you have to be courageous and willing to break new ground. Success in external ratings such as EcoVadis shows us that we’re on the right track.”

Improvement in the areas of Environment and Sustainable Procurement

Kneipp products

EcoVadis’ CSR Performance Ranking examines environmental and social practices across the value chain. It evaluates 21 performance indicators in the areas of Environment, Ethics, Labor & Human Rights and Sustainable Procurement. Kneipp was able to increase its score by 5 points compared to the previous year for a total of 80 points in the overall assessment. Performance in the areas of Environment and Sustainable Procurement improved by 10 points each. In all areas, Kneipp's performance is rated as advanced, with the highest possible performance level of “Outstanding” in the Environment category.

The sustainability challenge: lead, learn and keep advancing

To consistently strengthen its dedication to sustainability, Kneipp has set ambitions targets within its sustainability plan. These goals range from achieving local climate neutrality solely through CO2 emission cuts (Scopes 1 and 2, without compensation), to increasing the use of organically-sourced raw materials, as well as phasing out petroleum-based plastics in both packaging and point-of-sale materials. Schmidt adds, “Our primary focus as a personal care and health product manufacturer is the well-being of our consumers. Our commitment to sustainability is a crucial element of that focus, as we firmly believe that human health is directly connected to the health of the environment.”

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