Russia-Ukraine war: HARTMANN moves closer together

Help where it is needed.

In light of the humanitarian catastrophe in Ukraine, we, as a company, are very proud of the solidarity of our employees and their enormous willingness to help across borders.

Solidarity with Ukraine

Our vision at HARTMANN is not only to continuously improve healthcare with innovative medical solutions, but also to increase the quality of life of as many people as possible.

For this reason, we are all the more dismayed by the Russia-Ukraine war and the suffering that goes along with it. HARTMANN strongly condemns any aggression that endangers the lives and health of people.

Our solidarity is with the people in and from Ukraine. That is why we as a company are moving closer together – in order to support those who are affected.

Help for Ukrainian employees

As a company, we are responsible for our employees. That is why one of our first measures was to help our approximately 300 Ukrainian colleagues and their families in Ukraine. More than 200 of these family members of all ages have fled Ukraine to the Czech Republic since February.

Refugees usually arrive with only what they can carry. For HARTMANN, it was crucial to provide people with food, clothing, and medicine. We also support them in dealing with the authorities and searching for accommodation. Some refugees have been able to stay with family members or in HARTMANN accommodation. In addition, HARTMANN has provided more than 80 jobs for refugees at the Czech sites and will expand this offer with further opportunities in administration and production.

Impressive engagement among our employees

Not only does HARTMANN as a company provide help in times of crisis - our employees also show their engagement.

When the war started, the employees of our Swiss subsidiary IVF HARTMANN came up with an idea to help their Ukrainian colleagues in the Czech Republic as quickly as possible. Together they donated overtime, vacation days and travel expenses, which would then be converted into a sum of money to help those affected by the conflict.

The result exceeded every expectation: within a few days, employees – from production to sales to management – donated more than 400 hours. In the end, 20,000 € was collected to support our colleagues' family members.

The campaign continued at PAUL HARTMANN AG (PHAG) in Germany, where donations were made in the form of salary components, among other things, and raised another 56,000 €.

The donations were not only an immediate aid response for people in need, but also a sign of solidarity. We are extremely proud to see so many employees from a wide range of company divisions and nationalities participated and made their individual contribution towards a good and important cause. A wonderful example of how we stand together in times of crisis.

Support for humanitarian aid organisations

It is not only our Ukrainian colleagues and their families who need help. Thousands are fleeing Ukraine every day, most of them women, children, and elderly people. They often have to wait at the border for hours or even days after a physically exhausting journey full of uncertainty and worry. Food, hygiene products and medicines as well as blankets and sleeping bags are essential in this situation, but unfortunately not always available. Medical supplies, such as bandages, are also hard to get hold of.

This is exactly where HARTMANN comes in with the organisation humedica e. V. The humanitarian aid organisation has been working with HARTMANN for 20 years to supply crisis regions with medical supplies. Immediately after the war began, we set up a working group to coordinate relief efforts. Together with humedica e. V. we were able to react quickly to identify needs, organise transport, and distribute urgently needed supplies and donations.

HARTMANN donations at a glance

Several markets where HARTMANN is active, and subsidiaries, also organised donations. These were delivered directly to the crisis and refugee regions. Some of the goods went to Caritas Poland to support Ukrainian refugees in the Częstochowa region. HARTMANN and humedica e. V. will continue to cooperate together, keeping an eye on the need for incontinence, wound and medical products and providing help in the future.
An immediate earmarked cash donation to the German Red Cross. In addition, around 200 pallets with incontinence, wound care and surgical products for crisis regions and neighbouring refugee areas; goods were also transported to Poland via humedica. Cooperation partner: Caritas in Częstochowa.
Prioritised support for over 80 organisations and companies to care for patients in Ukraine.
70 pallets of wound care products for the French aid organisation Tulipe.
Eight pallets of wound care, surgical and disinfection products for Paramédicos de Catástrofe Internacional.
50 pallets of food and donations or the organisation Hermine e. V. and the German Red Cross.

Health as a human right

As a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which we strongly condemn, we have decided to stop all non-essential business in Russia, while still ensuring the availability of medical products for Russia and fulfil our responsibility towards all patients.

Health is a fundamental right. This is confirmed by the UN Convention on Human Rights. Therefore, medical products are excluded from sanctions..

As a result, we continue to supply medical products to Russia. This is primarily in the form of wound products, which are urgently needed for patient care after operations, accidents or chronic diseases.

On the other hand, we have stopped supplying non-medical products to Russia. Local advertising measures or planned investments are also not being implemented.