Help, care, protection – for the climate & environment too

Our climate responsibility

Because the future does not wait

Climate and environmental protection are not just essential for HARTMANN, but for us all: the longer we wait, the lower our chances for a future that is worth living for. According to our mission “Helps. Cares. Protects.” we are committed to a future that does not only secure our own good, but also that of future generations. In our Sustainability Report 2021, you will learn the measures HARTMANN takes to protect climate and environment.

Protect the climate, secure the future: our actions

By conviction, not constraint. As a company, we have always been committed to climate and environment – and today, this task is more important than ever. It is our goal to reduce our ecological footprint to a minimum. Therefore, we are not only committed to various, holistic measures, but have established them at an organisational level too.

Examples of our sustainablity measures

At HARTMANN, we are taking action on multiple levels and with various Initiatives. Amongst others, the following measures are part of the HARTMANN sustainability strategy:

  • Environmental management: The majority of HARTMANN production and logistics sites have certifications to meet the compliancy of standards.
  • Consumption analysis and optimisation: We are purposefully collecting data to analyse and optimise our own consumption.
  • Continuing consultancy: Our own sustainability team identifies optimisation potential and puts them into action.
EMASISO 14001ISO 45001ISO 50001
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Stefan Grote
Stefan Grote – Member of the HARTMANN Management Board & Sustainability Taskforce Lead
"What is important now? Each and every one of us: our ideas and initiatives. With our commitment to environment and climate, we are on the right path."

Joint forces: global and local efforts combined

To take holistic action for climate and environment, we focus our efforts on global and local levels:

  • On a global level, we secure efficient sustainability management through the regulations of the HARTMANN Management Board. Our department for Health, Security and Environment (HSE) is responsible for operational execution.
  • Locally, our country-specific organisation, as well as the organisation of our subsidiaries, is secured through local management. Here, all the legal and company-wide requirements are ensured.
  • Additionally, our HSE department advises our country divisions and contributes significantly to our continual sustainability efforts.

Initiative: HARTMANN for Future

Reduce environmental impact: This is the core goal of our initiative HARTMANN for Future. Initiated by HARTMANN Spain, it is an exceeding example of our sustainability efforts at a local level. The initiative continually searches for new possibilities to protect the environment without endangering the safety and reliability of our products. From this initiative, various environmental measures have originated in the areas of

  • energy consumption,
  • waste management,
  • analysis of product lifecycles,
  • transport
  • and emissions.

Because of its relevance, the initiative, which began in 2020, will continue to expand in various ways, including broadening the scope of product sustainability and energy efficiency in our buildings.

Pilar Molina, Director Regulatory & Quality and HSE
"We are on the right track with our environmental commitment, but still have a way to go to reach our goals. HARTMANN for Future is one initiative that sets us on the right path for climate and environment – today, and in future."