Stefan Grote on our sustainability approach

With the series "4 questions to..." we introduce various colleagues who fill our sustainability ambitions with life. Today: Stefan Grote, Member of the Management Board and Head of the Sustainability Steering Committee.

What does sustainability mean at HARTMANN?

Our mission at HARTMANN is to help, to care and to protect. This holds true for sustainability matters as well. We are committed to the responsible treatment of all natural resources, minimizing the negative impacts of our business, and helping to ensure a good quality of life for our employees and the wider community. In short, sustainability forms an integral part of our activities. As we strive to achieve our corporate goals, we are determined to act responsibly for the health of our planet.

Stefan Grote

How has the topic of sustainability evolved over the years?

Sustainability Management at HARTMANN has a firm foundation. We have pursued sustainability initiatives for years, such as the continuous reduction of material used in production, the promotion of social projects and a far-reaching occupational safety and environmental management. In 2002 we already had an integrated Health, Safety and Environmental Management System (HSE) based on recognized standards for management systems, including ISO 45001 and ISO 14001.

Most recently, in 2020 we created the Sustainability Steering Committee, which is responsible for setting our sustainability policy. This dedicated team will centrally consolidate, manage, and develop all sustainability-relevant topics. It also publishes the Sustainability Report.

The first Sustainability Report was published this year. What does it say?

The Sustainability Report provides an overview of what has been achieved so far in the different operating divisions, facilities and countries of the HARTMANN GROUP. It reports on the four areas of sustainability and the measures and management approaches taken for each area: responsibility for the environment and the climate, for products, employees, and social responsibility. Please read it here.

What's next for sustainability?

HARTMANN pursues a long-term approach to sustainability. We conducted a materiality analysis and identified the material sustainability topics for the future: Greenhouse gas emission management, product safety and quality, resource efficiency, sustainable packaging, and sustainable supply-chain management. Plus, the direct greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 1 emissions in CO2 equivalents) and the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the generation of electricity, heating/cooling, or steam purchased for our own consumption (Scope 2 emissions in CO2 equivalents) have now been calculated for the entire Group. In the next step we will set emission reduction targets and define further measures in order to achieve greenhouse gas neutrality.

It's an exciting time. As we implement new measures, we can also leverage the innovation potential of our employees, giving their ideas space and promoting their self-initiative. We are seeing that sustainability is not only desired but actively lived out at HARTMANN. With our commitment to sustainability, we are heading down the right path to secure our future.