We announce the global launch of the HARTMANN Virtual Reality Wound Care Training


HARTMANN announces the Global Launch of the HARTMANN Virtual Reality Wound Care Training, which offers unique learning experience, based on our patented Virtual Reality (VR) Simulation, providing lifelike clinical experience in Wound Management. Healthcare professionals can test VR Modules at the World Union Wound Healing Societies (WUWHS) Congress 2022, March 1-5, in Abu Dhabi.

HARTMANN is pioneering an innovative approach to wound care education, using virtual reality simulation to give healthcare professionals a deeper, interactive, and intuitive learning experience.

The VR modules on chronic wounds simulate every aspect of wound assessment and wound treatment, placing learners in 3D recreations of wound care clinic rooms equipped with HARTMANN wound dressings. The trainees work through real life situations; examining the wounds, choosing the best treatment option and the correct way to apply the dressings.

VR educational training improves accuracy in medical and nursing practice as well as the actual physical actions of wound care; it develops clinical reasoning and therapeutic decision-making skills. The VR simulation can be used to test a treatment decision before taking any direct action on real patients.

This innovative training concept is effective, resource saving and interactive: the modules provide a safe method of learning clinical practice, respecting all CORONA regulations. It also minimizes the time and cost necessary as well as the need for a patient with a specific wound.

As a leader in the field HARTMANN is committed to invest in the professional development of health care professionals and to support their long-life learning to ultimately make a difference in patient´s lives. The new VR modules complement the Wound Management education program HARTMANN already offered to healthcare professionals via seminars, conferences and workshops.

HARTMANN organisations worldwide are already equipped with this advanced technology for interactive learning and ready to offer VR simulation trainings to health care professionals in Wound Management. Please contact your local HARTMANN organisation for more details.