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“Having responsibility for other people is connected with fear, but also with a lot of love.”

Regina Gall, mother and carer of three young children.

Putting intuition over perfection and social beliefs

36-year-old Regina Gall is a nurse and mother of three children ages six years, three years, and four months. While raising the children takes all her attention at the moment, she’s already preparing to return to work in the emergency room, because the hours there are easier to balance with family life. A major challenge Regina has had to face is to put the happiness of her family above any claims to perfection.
Family manager Regina with her kids

Regina, how do you feel about taking on so much responsibility for the care and support of your loved ones?

It means a lot to me to be able to accompany my children on what I hope will be a long journey through life. In general, helping people who are close to you is a very nice feeling.

Especially when you know that if you need help yourself, you are not alone. As much as I have respect for the huge responsibility, I also believe that all family members need each other.

It’s also nice to see that your own work bears fruit. That the children are happy, self-confident, and you just know they’ll get by in life. I also get a lot back from caring for my aunt, even though it’s sometimes exhausting. It’s amazing when you realize someone is regaining their strength because you helped them.

"I listen to my gut and get away from this whole textbook family thing. Instead, I consciously look at how everyone is doing."

How do you usually balance your caregiving duties with other day-to-day responsibilities? Do you find it easy or difficult to take on this additional role?

I think it’s only possible if you stop thinking you have to be perfect. As a mother, you have to be aware that not everything always works like it should; that not every day will be great. And you shouldn’t expect that you have to please everyone. There will always be someone who falls short! Mostly it’s me *laughs* or my husband - or both of us.

Our home doesn’t always have to be super tidy, seasonally decorated, and there don’t have to be freshly baked cookies. That’s not what life’s about.

Family manager Regina doing her family’s laundry

A look at a loving family, full of laughter – but not necessarily fresh cookies

In this touching video, Regina talks about how she felt about the transition from working life to becoming a full-time mother – and back. Learn more about what’s important to her when it comes to her family and how she manages the times when she just doesn’t feel on top of things.
When it comes to health products for the people she cares for, Regina’s main concern is quality. The adhesive bandages for her children’s scrapes can’t stick together, sterile dressings must not fray, and all products must promote good wound healing. Furthermore, they should be practical, well packed, and also easy to take along. After all, with children, you better always have a band-aid handy.