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HydroClean® plus named ‘Most Innovative New Dressing’ at Journal of Wound Care Awards 2017


  • HARTMANN’s patented Hydro-Responsive Wound Dressing (HRWD®) promotes autolytic debridement through effective cleansing across majority of wounds
  • Prestigious recognition highlights HARTMANN’s ongoing commitment to go further for health

Heidenheim/Germany, March 06, 2017. HARTMANN, one of the leading manufacturers of wound care products worldwide, continues to break new grounds with its recently launched HydroClean® plus. Winning the top award in the ‘Most Innovative New Dressing’ category at the Journal of Wound Care Awards 2017, HydroClean® plus is recognized for changing the way wounds are treated and for its impact on patients’ lives. Due to its unique Rinsing-Absorption Mechanism, HydroClean® plus promotes autolytic debridement and supports effective wound cleansing and wound progression in a variety of wounds.2, 4, 5, 6, 7

“We are honoured to receive an award that acknowledges our unwavering commitment in developing high-quality reliable wound care solutions that deliver efficiencies in costs and time,” says Peter Schuck, Vice-President for Global Sales Marketing in the HARTMANN Group. “The health industry is transforming globally and the need for simple, effective, economical wound care solutions that improve patient outcomes is more important now more than ever. With its innovative features, HydroClean® plus leads the pack and has truly revolutionized modern wound care.”

Moist wounds heal faster.5 HydroClean® plus is an all-in-one dressing that aids debridement and moist wound bed preparation, improving healing outcomes and ultimately patient quality of life.3, 8

Powered by its unique Rinsing-Absorption Mechanism, HydroClean® plus removes necrosis and devitalised tissue via autolysis.9, 10The dressing is proven to significantly reduce Matrix Metalloprotease (MMPs) levels – one of the main culprits of delayed wound healing – by up to 87 percent. 10, 11 Simultaneously, superabsorbent polyacrylate (SAP) particles in the pad continuously release Ringer’s solution to keep the area moist for up to three days and the antiseptic Polyhexanide (polyhexamethylene biguanide, PHMB) binds bacteria into the wound pad.2, 4HydroClean® plus creates an ideal moist wound environment which supports faster healing.
The patented Hydro-Responsive Wound Dressing (HRWD®) is safe, light and conforms well to the wound surface.4, 11With the addition of easy-to-remove silicone strips, patients experience painless dressing changes with HydroClean®plus.4, 11

HARTMANN’s two-step HydroTherapy Technology starts with HydroClean®plus to cleanse the wound and stimulate healthy granulation tissue. To speed up wound closure, step two of HydroTherapy is HydroTac®, a Hydro-Responsive Wound Dressing with AquaClear Technology, that boosts the concentration of growth factors and increases the activity of epithelial cells.12

HARTMANN and Journal of Wound Care highlights the efforts of nurses, clinicians, and researchers who have made an impact on patient care.

On the night of the Journal of Wound Care Awards 2017, HARTMANN sponsored ‘The Effective Wound Bed Preparation, Infection and Biofilm Award’ which recognises excellent individual work by commendable Healthcare Professionals. The award sponsorship emphasises HARTMANN’s commitment to go further in developing simple, effective and cost-efficient wound care solutions like HydroClean® plus. Karen Woosey, Marketing Director at HARTMANN UK, and Christoph Melchers, International Senior Manager Sales & Marketing at HARTMANN, received the award on behalf of the HARTMANN Team.

The Journal of Wound Care Awards 2017 winners were chosen by a panel of expert judges within the health sector. The annual event, held in London on Friday, 3 March 2017, pays tribute to the hard work and valuable contribution of Health Care Professionals in all fields of wound care. HARTMANN Team in the UK took the initiative to organize the award entry and the award sponsorship.

Aside from its recent win, HydroClean® plus was also ranked as one of the world’s ‘Most Innovative Wound Dressings’ at the acclaimed World Union of Wound Healing Societies (WUWHS) Awards, 2016 in Florence

To learn more about HydroClean® plus and HARTMANN’s wound care history, visit or


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