HARTMANN announces first LINK® Award nominees

  • Award honors scientific advances in clinical application of wound care solutions
  • Twelve nominees selected out of several dozen entries from 25 countries to be recognised for achievements in wound care research
  • Winners announced during inaugural LINK® Wound Healing Congress, September 19, 2017 in Belfast

Heidenheim, Germany - September 4, 2017. The HARTMANN GROUP, in partnership with the Journal of Wound Care (JWC), today announced the nominees of its first LINK® Award, recognizing remarkable contributions in the advancement of wound care.

LINK® is HARTMANN Wound Management’s official professional development network. It stands for Learn. Inform. Network. Knowledge, and represents HARTMANN’s legacy in global wound management, healthcare, and its long-established international partnerships.

“Today’s wound therapies and treatments are based on years of passionate clinical work and research,” said Professor Hans Smola, Director Medical Competence Center at HARTMANN. “The LINK® Award honors clinicians who offer the best wound care to their patients and take an active part in disseminating best practices.“

There are six nominees in the Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) category and six in the Advanced Wound Care category. The 12 nominees were selected from several dozen entries based on scientific methodology and the impact of their research on current wound care issues such as pressure ulcers and biofilm.

Nominees for the LINK® Award are as follows:

  • Advanced Wound Healing Category – Matthew Malone* (Australia); Chloe Cara (Australia); Jacek Mikosiński (Poland); Paul Chadwick* (United Kingdom); Marcin Malka *(Poland); Michaela Kaiser* (Switzerland)

  • NPWT Category – Marie-Christine Plancq* (France); Alicia Mettoudi* (France); Istvan Klemencsics* (Hungary); Guillaume Maxant* (France); Dominik Walczak*. (Poland)

The Journal of Wound Care and the Vivano Competence Network, international wound care experts, will select the three winners from each category. Winners will present their work during the congress.

The LINK® Award winners will be announced during the HARTMANN Wound Management’s inaugural LINK® Wound Healing Congress on September 19, 2017 in Belfast. The international congress offers the possibility for doctors, nurses, and wound experts to exchange knowledge and to network for better wound care outcomes. The event will feature discussions and presentations on best-case practices involving NPWT, as well as other simple and cost effective approaches to advance wound bed preparation and facilitate wound healing. Presentations will be given by key wound experts such as Dr. Emmanuelle Candas (Hôpital Sainte Périne, France); Dr. med Rolf Becker (Eduardus Hospital, Germany); PhD Csaba Toth (University of Debrecen, Hungary); Professor Karen Ousey (University of Huddersfield, United Kingdom; Dr. Tomas Kopal (City hospital of Povazska Bystrica, Slovakia).

“Clinical data is essential to our partners,” said Professor Hans Smola. “Yet, we see there is a need to bring this knowledge together and make it available at the global level. We want to encourage physicians and clinicians to learn from and collaborate with each other – that is our true goal with LINK®.”

*Representing a group of authors.

About LINK®

LINK® is dedicated to the continuous education of wound care professionals around the world. It is HARTMANN Wound Management’s official professional development network expanding to 93 countries worldwide, with more than 18,000 participants across the globe. LINK® is one of the largest formalized networks of wound professionals dedicated to life-long wound education and training.

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