A personal pursuit for innovation and improving patients’ lives

Maja Krämer, Research & Development (R&D) Manager in HARTMANN’s Wound Care division

More than just a dressing

Advanced wound care helps chronic wounds heal better. Innovative wound dressings prevent infections, promote healing, and massively improve the quality of life of people with chronic wounds. Maja Krämer develops these high-tech dressings and conducts research to innovate smart solutions for the future of patients and the healthcare industry.

Maja says, “I have always been interested in medicine and wanted to develop products that help people. It's great that I can live out my passion here and contribute to the well-being of people.”

Following her path

When Maja Krämer first came to Germany from Poland, she was immediately excited. “I was studying medical technology at the University of Science and Technology in Krakow at the time. After I graduated, I did an internship in Baden-Württemberg. I was impressed by how many medical technology companies I found where I could further my education in a specialist field,” Krämer recalls.

After an internship in medical informatics, Maja was drawn to HARTMANN. The company was clearly committed to developing innovations for medical care – and she recognized it as a place where she could develop her skills and grow professionally. She started an internship at HARTMANN in the field of negative pressure wound therapy. After completing her Master's in Medical Technology, she found a position in the field of advanced wound management.

Today, Maja helps to develop innovative dressing materials for the care of chronic wounds, which empower patients to live a normal life again: “It's great that I can combine my passion for technology and progress with medical expertise. In addition, the industry offers a significant economic factor with high growth potential.”
"As a team, we learn from each other every day. Together, we’re able to solve complex problems quicker. Each team member contributes to the whole."

Diverse prospects in a people-oriented industry

Maja works on an international, interdisciplinary team. “As a team, we learn from each other every day. Together, we’re able to solve complex problems quicker. Each team member contributes to the whole. If you’re interested in science and like to develop new things as part of a team, you’ll find a career with a future here for sure," she emphasizes.

Her team also works closely with medical professionals, caregivers and patients when developing new products, in order to be able to respond in a differentiated manner to their needs. Maja elaborates, “We work closely with our customers from the very beginning of the development process. This multi-professional collaboration helps us to explore whole new possibilities in diagnosis and therapy.”

Looking ahead, Maja adds, “Working in an industry with such a high potential for innovation, I look forward to keep working on new projects that really have an impact. I’m thinking about long-performance modern wound care products that not only meet the needs of customers, but tangibly help patients lead more active and fulfilling lives.” Maja can’t wait to tackle the next challenge with her team.
The basic text was created in cooperation with the German Federal Association for Medical Technology (BVMED) and was adapted for this purpose. Find more information on medical technology in Germanyhere.