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Ihr Einblick in HARTMANNs Komplementäre Divisionen der Gruppe

Expanding our portfolio

In addition to the HARTMANN brand, several subsidiaries are part of the Group: the companies Kneipp, CMC, and KOB. Find out more about our Complementary Group Divisions here.

The Complementary Group Divisions strategically expand our portfolio.


Under the motto “Joyful by nature”, the Kneipp Group markets body care products, dietary supplements, and herbal medicines.

The company is expanding, with a new, 10,000-square-meter manufacturing plant slated for completion in 2024 at the headquarters in Ochsenfurt. This new facility will double the location’s original size. The company is thus laying the foundations for future growth.

At the same time, the company places great emphasis on sustainability. From raw materials and packaging to logistics, Kneipp endeavors to make its operations environmentally friendly across the entire production chain. This is why the company committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – an important step toward enhancing transparency in the company’s pursuit of its sustainability goals.

In addition to its core market Germany, Kneipp supplies other European countries as well as Asia and North America – consumer markets that are growing in importance. All in all, HARTMANN is investing EUR 45 million in buildings and machines at the headquarters.


CMC Consumer Medical Care GmbH was founded in 2005 as a subsidiary of PAUL HARTMANN AG. The company is one of Europe's leading providers of private-label solutions for cosmetic, medical, baby, and hygiene products. In close cooperation with their customers, they develop trendsetting, integrated concepts for products and product lines for private brands in the retail market, supporting their customers from developing and planning product lines to producing and delivering standardized products.

More than 600 employees work at the headquarters in Sontheim, Germany as well as at the international sales offices in Sélestat, France, Barcelona, Spain, and Mersin, Turkey, and at the two production plants in Düren, Germany, and Mersin, Turkey.


The KOB Group is an expert in elastic textiles. The group is based in Wolfstein, Germany. In its core business of medical products, KOB is a leading international B2B supplier of special elastic textiles for medical and pharmaceutical companies. KOB products are used as bandages for supporting, fixing, and compressing as well as carrier fabrics and first-aid dressings in sports medicine and orthopedics, phlebology and lymphology, and in wound care. The textile, elastic carrier fabrics are for medical active ingredient patches for pharmaceutical applications.

Since 1997, KOB has extended its competence into the industrial field of construction supply industry. The subsidiary BRAWO SYSTEMS GmbH is the technology leader across Europe in the manufacture and sales of a trenchless rehabilitation system for wastewater systems in property drainage and in buildings. The company sells products and services as a system provider under the BRAWOLINER® brand.

HARTMANN plans to invest approximately EUR 50 million at KOB’s headquarters in Wolfstein through 2026 to optimize infrastructure and processes as well as modernize existing buildings and machinery.